Transformation can occur as a result of circumstance or from events in our lives. When we experience loss, death, developmental challenges, or life changes at various levels we are brought to the doorstep of transformation. It is also possible to deliberately pursue change and transformation through disciplines and practices.

As a Transperonsal Psychologist (the psychology of transformation and human potential) Nomi Shmerling, Ph.D (c) understands how personal transformation rolls-out in life.  Her own personal journey has given her many opportunities to practice the art of self-transformation.  She has lived in different countries, moved around the US, changed job industries gracefully, healed personal family relationships, and empowered herself through each and every step.  She understands what it takes to self-transform.

Weaving together Science, Psychology, Spirituality and live experience, Nomi offers seeds of thought that can be taken to pow the fields of tomorrow in your life.  She teaches how to use and cultivate tools that can be used in an instant to be support transformational change in an individual’s live.  

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Personal experience and professional merit give Nomi Shmerling a very unique way of presenting the topics of personal transformation and empowerment with individuals of various audiences.

Keynotes, Breakouts and Workshops

The Secret to Mastering Personal Transformation

INSPIRES CHANGE IN THIS AREA: Empowering individuals to become more fluid in life’s changing tides.

Audience members will learn how stress relates to personal transformation.  They will be taken on a journey that revels how the body and mind work together in a precise, chemically dependent relationship that either can facilitate or infinite personal transformation.  Easy to implement solutions will be shared on how individuals can begin to manage stress and find opportunities of change in their life.

Rise Women Rise

INSPIRES CHANGE IN THIS AREA: Empower women to be more authentic, centered, self- cared for, and removed from inhibiting belief systems. 

Audience members will learn how the subconscious and conscious minds work in shaping our day-to-day behavior as women in the modern world.  I share with audience members the path of the heroine, on her journey.  This path revels the mile markers, teachers, and cohorts that we will meet on this journey to rising up to be who each of us are meant to be in this world.

Yoga in Business 

INSPIRES CHANGE IN THIS AREA:  Bringing the philosophies of yoga into applicable, every day practices that cultivate integrity and confidence in business. 

Audience members will learn the step-by-step methodology from Classic Yoga’s Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s can guide us in cultivating an integral compass when conducing all levels of businesses.  Yoga in business is about becoming our own Inner guru, finding inner balance in an environment that is conditioned for change. Audience members will learn how yoga philosophy cultivated integrity and confidence when 1) engaging with prospective clients and team members and  2) regulating one’s own emotions through use of mindfulness, meditations and understanding of the human biology.


“So inspirational!  Gave me such an awareness of current situations both in myself and my loved ones.  Nomi suggested many ways to help, Thanks you!”

– Jodi S., School Teacher

“Nomi’s presence is straight from the heart and her knowledge comes from experience and a solid soul.  Hearing her speak it brought joy to my heart as I felt she is doing exactly what she is meant to do and show others how to transform.”      

– Michele R., Yogi and meditation teacher

“Nomi’s talk at Circle + Moon in Roswell, GA was like attending a TED talk.  There was so much information given!”  

–  Joan H., Yogi

“I think your workshop was amazing, lots and lots of takeaways. It was especially helpful because you went through the history and told us how we got here, what we’re facing and how to move on. Also there were lots of tools offered and that is something you don’t get much in workshops. Something that you can take into your life and apply immediately. Everyone was on the edge of their seats and we were all engaged, listening and learning. It was a wonderful, educational, uplifting and inspiring night.”    

–Heni , Yogi and Fierce Entrepreneur 

“Nomi’s presentation to her audience was transformational  creating a roadmap for attaining one’s highest potential through our beliefs.   Our minds create our own reality and she explains in simple language the steps each of us needs to follow to reach one’s highest potential.  She speaks from her heart, and inspires all of us to be the best we can be, through self-awareness and state of mind.”

– Michael Ruskin – Principal, Ruskin & Associates, Inc. – Human Resource Consulting

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About Nomi

As an individual, Nomi has achieved these goals:

  • Master’s degree in Business Management.
  • Candidate for a PhD in Psychology.
  • Workshop Facilitator.
  • Spiritual Therapist.
  • Transpersonal Psychology Researcher (Consciousness and transformation).
  • Mother, Wife, Daughter, Friend who leads with compassion and has found the bliss of harmony, guidance, and partnership, in each of those relationships.
  • Shapeshifter who inspires others to finding their real life bliss while keeping both feet on the ground.
  • A citizen of this world, who believes we are making change and that it begins within each of us.


As a researcher she currently researches the following themes:

  • The Chakra System, Life-Force Energy Centers that are written about in many cultures, most commonly by ancient Hindu teachings.
  • Consciousness, Focusing on the conduite between the conscious and subconscious minds, referred to as the ‘observing self’ by Author Deikman.
  • Yoga in the United States, This is the focus of Nomi’s PhD dissertation study: “What is Yoga in the United States, and is it as transformational as Classical Yoga”.
  • Mindfulness, Nomi has conducted 2 unpublished studies that looked at long-term practitioners of mindfulness, and their ability to self-regulate their thoughts and actions.

Nomi offers speaking, breakout, workshop, one-on-one therapy, change managment consulting and interviews that are all designed to illuminate the path forward to self transformation.  Contact me by reaching out to me here.

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