When past lives leak into your current life

Have you had a memory of a past life?  Or maybe gone to a past life regression?  Well I can answer yes to both, and have learned a lot about why I remembered key lives, and what mystical expereinces happened after I regained those memories.

I remembered a past life while I was ironing one day, honest truth.  Out of no where I was seeing a scene in my mind’s eye that was in ancient Egypt.  I knew who I was immediately, and I knew who the other person in the vision was.  I saw myself reaching for a very tall man who was dressed in Gladiator type clothing.  He was a very large man, and I was a petite women.  Who we each were is not important, what I want to share with you is why I remembered this event, and how it helped me heal both this life and the past.

After remembering this life,  I became depressed for a few days after I had the memory.  I intuitively knew I had embodied the emotions from my past life in this current life, and they needed to be healed.  So I processed whatever was going on with me… I cried, I wrote poetry, I took baths…I was depressed.  Eventually the residual feelings from this memory wore off and I honestly felt I had processed what had attached itself to me.

A tremendous amount of clarity was also acquired, as the man I had remembered in my past life, was indeed someone who was in my current life.  Although our relationship in the current life is different, the raw feelings of missing him in the past life came rushing into my current life and needed to be healed and loved.  Both of which happened.


Another past life memory I have is as a woman in the dark ages, who was burned at the stake.  So I guess you could call me a ‘witch’, lol.  I understood everything in this vision.     This memory was evoked from a past life regression with a practitioner.

I was caring for four sick people in my house.  One was in bed, one sitting by the fire, and 2 at a table. I was cooking food for them in a caldron over the fire.   My teacher was on a horse outside the house (he is now one of my spirit guides), and was leaving because “they were coming.”  I stayed.  So, we said good bye to each other, then I then zoomed out and then began viewing myself tied to a wooded pole, and was being burned alive, utop a large mound of twigs and branches.  I was not in my body, but could see myself screaming in pain.

I showed myself this life, because I was having residual fears in my current life around the concept of being a healer.  I simply put, was not believing myself to be a healer.  This past life was shown to me to show me why I was having the feelings I was having, particular since I was in grad school working on a Ph.D in psychology.

The most powerful thing happened a few months later.  I was listening to something on the youtube while I was cleaning the dishes, and I heard something mentioned like, ” “They have stopped you before and they will try to do it again…” I began to cry, right there at the sink.  I felt the me from the dark ages standing in the body I am incarnated in today.  I felt her weeping so hard, saying, ” They killed me” over and over as she sobbed.  I allowed the emotions to flow for a few minutes then I grounded myself with some strong deep breathes and repeated, “We are here and we are strong.”  I repeated that a few times till I truly felt the strength inside me align with the me today and the me in the pas,  together to live this life as a healer.


I share these stories with you to share with you how multi-dimentiontial it is to have a memory from your past.  In both lives brought forward, I healed and integrated those Selves with the me as I create in this life.

It is true that many of the issues we have in our lives are rooted in issues that we have carried over the veil with us.  My personal stories are like many of who have sought out to heal our soul and then be lead to the exact opportunities to do just that.  I realized that a healing I had been doing over the course of my 20’s and 30’s was indeed multi-demenstioanl healing.  And because I am still on this path, I invite future opportunities to awaken and to be loved.

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