20 way to be more Compassionate

Many of us feel that there is more we can do in this life.  There is more we can give.  There is more we can teach, lead, or contribute to our families, communities or world in general.  A compassionate act of kindness can be the medicine to soothe that divine calling you feeling within you.

Compassion is simply thinking with your HEART!  What does it tell you to do?  This world is full of compassionate acts every minute of the day, only we tend to not be exposed to them because our T.V. and radio stations like to give us all the negative, frustrating, or flat our crazy these days.

Cultivating compassion can be the best remedy for the call to service so many of us feel.  We want to help.  We want to do more.  Well by golly we can!  And here are 10 way to cultivate compassion in your life today.

  1. Allow the person in back of you in line to go ahead of you.
  2. Share a smile and a compliment with a stranger, like  “You have such a nice smile”.
  3. Call a friend and ask how they are doing, and offer nothing about yourself unless asked.
  4. Bake brownies or buy some lunch for your local community service men and women like the firemen and women, police officers, postal workers, ect.
  5. Send 10 cards of happiness and joy to 10 strangers from the white pages.  Put a wonder uplifting phrase inside like, ” You are pure and perfect just the way you are.”
  6. Help bag your own groceries, at the store and say thank you to the cashier and bagger both!
  7. Bring the mail, garbage, and recycling people a cold bottle of water and snack.
  8. Buy a bag of groceries and drop it off at your local food shelter.
  9. Invite a friend over for a meal, tea, or coffee, and ask how they are doing without venting about your troubles.
  10. Leave flowers on your neighbors door step without a reason.
  11. Sit with a friend, a child or spouse and JUST LISTEN.  Offer no worlds other than that you are here with them.  Allow them to vent, and provide a supportive space to do it.
  12. Hold the door open for someone.
  13. Allow people to come over into your lane while your driving, and send them a smile instead of the middle finger.  Make an intention before you get in the car that you will be of service and embody compassionate calmness.  Driving the car these days can be stressful, particularly in rush hour traffic.
  14. Sponsor a child over seas!  For as little as $38 a month, you can help feed, and medicate a child who is born into an improvised area of our world.  www. Compassion.com is a place you can do this.  (I am not supporting this website, rather showing you an example).
  15. Tell your family you love them!  This can be hard for some of us, but the words ‘I LOVE YOU” are healing and help to open the hearts our ourselves and others who have been hurt.
  16. Volunteer your time with an organization that aligns with your values and beliefs.  As little as 2 hours a month is a lot to an organization that is in need of helpers to make their mission reach out into the community. /www.volunteermatch.org is a great way to find out about opportunities in your community.
  17. Bring a treat like brownies and leave it in your break room at work with a little note that say, “Just because life is beautiful”.  This will help shine light in a place that so many people do not find happiness within.
  18. Buy coffee, lunch, or whatever for the car in behind you in the drive though line.  This might become the best thing in that person’s life that day!
  19. Give thanks for life!  Speak to whoever you believe in, or whatever you believe in and say thank you for the life you live!
  20. Look at your self in the mirror and tell yourself “I AM PERFECT AND I LOVE MYSELF UNCONDITIONALLY”.  Say this everyday until you truly know it to be true, and you truly feel the love for yourself.  This is the biggest was to cultivate greater acts of compassion in the world lasting for a life time of service to others.

These are just a few ways you can find ways to integrate compassion into your life.  If you have children, involve them in the act of kindness and ask them if they can think of way to cultivate more compassionate acts.

Take it to the next level, and make it a daily habit.  You can start by extending your heart for one compassionate act a day, and keep moving the bar up till you are begging to feel that you are making the difference you where called to do.

Our world is changing, and in a beautiful way.  Cultivating more compassion is a way you can actively assist these changes ahead of you.  You never know, you might find a bigger purpose to life hiding within the fringes of these heart felt acts of compassion.


Nomi Shmerling, Ph.D. (C)

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