Dear Universe, I write you to say…WTF!

We plan, we coordinate, we spend hours visualizing what we want the Universe to give us only to be met with a ferris wheel of everything we have spent time sweeping under the rug.  The lessons of materialism, self love, self empowerment, inner independence, boundaries, ect.  They come into our life like continuous waves presenting challenges on our shores.  In today’s energy, you are being asked over and over to deal with your darkest shadows, and the waves will continue to come unless you learn to do two things for yourself, Listen and Surrender.  This is the biggest reason why our world feels so chaotic today, shadows from every closet are coming into the light for release, and even the very best of us have a few to deal with for the shift we are all collectively moving toward.

This is life!  No sugar coating it.  As a soul, you set out to learn lessons that can elevate who you are and what you know in this world.  This is the name of the game for all of us.  But why do some seem to flow through life with less turbulence than others?

They learned to listen and surrender.

How do you begin?  Listening to you gut, what your heart is telling you, is how you find out more about what you are suppose to do.  The best advise I can offer you is to sit with the darkness and understand more about it.  Don’t over analyze this.  Feel what it is telling you.  Sometimes the reason we got in this position is drastically related to the actual event, it tends to have an anchor in our subconscious.   For example, a hurt heart might be related to a subconscious feeling of needing to feel important because our mom didn’t hug you enough.  Our subconscious works just like this, so pay attention to what you are truly feeling from your heart center, not your head center.

What area of your dark days do you find light?  Is it when you are outside gardening? Walking you dog? Having lunch with a friend? Can you think of one thing? Great!  Then make a deal with yourself that you will do whatever gives you moments of light, every day.  If you find yourself gardening for 3 months, that is most likely the time the Universe needed you to work on this so it could prepare your next steps.  We are still here on Earth, and miracles do happen but they take some divine coordination, and that means the timing has to be precise. Our patience with the universe as the next steps are prepared will be the best tool that you can learn to cultivate for yourself.  Take care of you NOW, and the Universe will take care of you later.

Seriously, it is that easy.  Find the one thing that brings you light  into your day and do it. It might be the thing you do for money.  It might be taking bath, or taking a walk by the river.  The idea is that light seeks out light.  Slowly you bringing light into your dark days and you will find that it will guide you to the exact time and space you need to be at the precise moment in the future. But understand that the darkness will continue to challenge this balance in your life unless you can simultaneously learn to limit the source of your darkness.  Is that you job, your partner, or living situation?  This will be a balance you will have to set intentions for balancing.   Be patient with yourself, do not set timeline!  No not set timelines!  This is how we get disappointed with lack of delivery, or not being where we expected to be.

Anything can be your light!  And when you find it, you have begun to listen. That is what the Universe is telling you that you need to focus on.  To bring joy back into your heart, and trust back into the Universal order of all things. Which leads us to surrendering.

When you tell the universe that you want this or that, you are doing this for yourself.  Please listen to that again, you are doing it for yourself.  The Universe, you higher self, your angels, your guides, ALL OF IT… knows what you need more than you know at times.  Why?  We have forgotten that when trouble comes into our life, it is typically because we have been ignoring the many signs the Universe had been giving us that change is needed and the timing is now.  The little pushes, the ideas that where given to you, opportunities you passed by were all signs to prepare for change.  When we become so distracted, or allow to be guided by our Ego, we find ourselves on the doorstep of the Universal hammer to the head.  I speak from personal experience in this arena.  When change is needed, it makes no difference how well you manifest what you want our of life, if its is not in the cards you will be exerting energy that you should be reserving.

When your world is crumbing down upon you, there is a message in it.  What it is, is only known to yourself.  Typically it is another opportunity to heal from a fear, a belief, to gain greater insight to a behavior you have been enacting.  There are clues everywhere for you, but it means you have to be honest with yourself and with your situation at hand.

Nicole-Burton-Parvana-Photography-model-is-photog-Surrender.jpgSurrendering to what you have dreamscaped your life to be, and expectations of how people should be treating you, there is no room for these ego driven interpretations to life where you are going,  surrender them.  Being a co-creator of your life, means you have to know what you really want, and expect it to come to you.  Please understand that that this could mean that at times things will need to be cleared in order for delivery of what the Universe is creating for you.  We as humans are really good about placing barrier in front of ourselves, and those barriers are typically life’s best stable comforts.

So the next time you write a letter to the universe and spell out what you want, use it as an exercise to determine what you are really asking for.  What do you really want?  Because that is what the Universe is asking you to become aware of.  Then sit back and listen to where to tells you to go next, and surrender to your idea of how the delivery system will be constructed as.  Expect miracles, and be patient as they are being created!

-Nomi Shmerling, Ph.D (c)

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