Tuning into others, its all about listening

We are all empathic.  Some of us are more empathic then others, and can ‘feel’ the vibes of those around us.  Yes, this is a human super power for some, but an ordinary attribute of being human for us all.  What is meant by this is that some people are intuitive, they can feel the energy systems of those around them.  For example an intuitive can feel the thoughts and feelings of those individuals in their immediate space, or individuals who they are connected to.  Thoughts are energy, just as feelings are energy.

But listening is something most of us can do without having a heightened ability to feel energy.  Empathic listening is also called reflective listening, is a way to tune into the people around you and strengthen your understanding of them and the trust between you two.

By tuning into others we can be able to discern emotions and/or intentions of others.  Yale University researchers have learned that when we focus on the vocals and facial cues we be get closer to sharpening our empathic skill set. In a series of five different experiments, individuals who observed without speaking or reacting where able to more accurately tune into the emotions  being expressed by others.

Many people can relate to this in here is an example how.  When we send text messages, we tend to stay monotone.  With the use of emoji characters we can enhance our words and be more descriptive, alluding to the emotions we want to express.  If someone sends you a text and says, “where are you?”  There is little to infer about the tone they are speaking in, or what their emotions are.  Now on the flip side, if this same person calls you and says, “where are you”, you might hear their agitation, curiously, ect. and you will be able to choose your next words with greater clarity and understand the situation better as well.

The magnitude of being the observer in your life is the key to tuning into the feelings and intentions of those around you.   Clearing your mind, becoming present in the moment, and listening is how you can shape your super human abilities to tune into others.

  • Nomi Shmerling, Ph.D (c)

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