4 ways to learn to love your Ego, and help it transform.

There is so much conversation these day about the death of the ego.  Spiritual teachers in print can make you believe that you need to kill the ego to truly be free of its selfish desires to steer you away from enlightenment.

But when you begin to think for yourself, have you had the thought that somehow it sounds odd?  To kill the ego?  I have, and this why.  The ego is YOU!  The you that has been built over the years as a result from the life experience you have had.  And nothing you experienced in life was without a reason, an opportunity to grow, or an opportunity to be hurt and reborn with greater understanding. To kill the ego, is to kill a part of you… this is not loving yourself.

Your ego is your best guru when you learn to love it!  

It can show you when you are being selfish, arrogant, mean, presumptuous, or simply full throttle ‘the best’.  If you are reading this, you are awakening.  You are learning how to be aligned with you Soul self, and to be guided by the intuitive thoughts and feelings that are bestowed upon you. When we learn to love all parts of ourselves, our awakening kicks into turbo speed, and our vibration increases more and more.

Leanring to love the Ego is a key element of growth for those who are awake.

  1. Understand that your ego has made you who you are, and you are you with intention!  Your OCD and perfectionist traits where crafted by you from situation that made you want to be better… but usually because of someone else’s standards. You might not remember how this became your pattern, it could have been the way your mother dressed you as a child, or the way the house was kept. When aspects of yourself arise that make you want to change, embrace it and celebrate that your box is getting too small for you, and its time to breakout of that habit or behavior.  You are forever evolving and changing, became more whole with every experience in life.  Your ego can show you what the next step in your path of inner growth is if you pay attention.
  2. Love yourself, unconditionally.  It is not egotistical to love yourself, it is egotistical when you feel you are better than someone.  So pay attention to the feelings that rise that make you feel superior to others (i.e the person with a junk car, no money, homeless, ignorant with hate, etc.).  If you do, its time to consider that you may be on the negative side of loving yourself, the egotistical side.  Try understanding that those people who are ‘less than you’ are really just simply on a different path in life, and are themselves with intention as well.
  3. Identify the beauty your ego brings into your life.  Do you walk into a room with your shoulders square, spine strait, and head at attention?  Thats your confidence!  And its beautiful.  One way to make sure you’re not stuck on the egotistical side, is to make sure you carry a smile on your face as you walk into the room, and make eye contact with others to share that smile.   Wrap yourself in a bubble of love and allow others to ‘bump into’ your love bubble.
  4. Talk less about yourself and your thoughts and LISTEN to what others have to say.  This is one of the hardest ways to love our ego, because with tender love and compassion we are asking it to do something it is not use to doing, just listen.  The next time you are in a conversation pay attention to how many times you voluntarily bring up something about yourself.  Do you share stories of your experiences, your thoughts, opinions, etc?  Most of us do. It is hard at first to just listen and speak about myself only when asked, but there is a true silent beauty that erupted… you began to find find other things to talk about, and truly become connected to the person you are talking to because I was 100% present for them.  Share stories of yourself when they ask you to, let them know what you think if they want to know.


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