You are a powerful soul, not a weak human.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre Tellhard De Chardin

Most of us have heard this before.  But have you thought about?  Do you feel like a spiritual being.  From time to time, many of us know and experience the grandness of being a spiritual being having a human experience.  Sometimes we say it out loud and allow our belief systems to  fall in line with the statement.  And sometimes it remains a secret, never being uncovered.

The spiritual context of life is a cloak we all wear.  It drapes differently around each of our shoulders, sometimes remaining invisible to some.  But at the core of who each of us are, is a spiritual context that shapes of beliefs and our decision in life.

Giving awareness that indeed you are a soul, rather than have a soul leading you into a realm of life that gives you access to a portal in life that colors your experiences with a light that is so magnificent you effortlessly radiate.  This is what I call living a soul centric life.

When we are guided from the soul each of us is, rather than the ego we have developed in our lives, we are lead to experiences that are triumphant and anew.  The soul centric life is one where our authentic self radiates from.  You feel no inhibition to what makes you truly joyful, and complete inside.

How do you know you are living a soul centric life?

Here are five key mile-markers you can expect to see on the soul centric life path:

  1. Decisions are made from your heart, and not your head.
  2. Barriers vanish as you move forward to your true calling.
  3. You feel love for yourself, your family, friends, neighbors and strangers.
  4. Forgiveness is easily achieved.
  5. Peace lives within your heart, and it feels euphoric.

From time to time we can experience all of these 5 mile-markers, and other times they can hide from us.  This is life.  We cannot expect to be soul centric in every moment of our navigation in life, but we can choose to have a soul centric perspective on the journey we find ourselves on.  We are all human.  And part of being human is having a ego that leads us both consciously and unconsciously into situations in life that we can grow from.

What to do when life is hard and full of troubles?

Stop, ask your self what you are missing.  Your thoughts determine your life.  YOUR THOUGHTS DETERMINE YOUR LIFE.  Sometimes the stories we tell ourself as the saddest ones that can be told.  Here is an example of what I mean.

Telling yourself that you can’t get a good paying job because you do not have enough education or experience.  

Telling yourself that you are fat and ugly, and are not deserving of a healthy body that exudes beauty.  

Telling yourself that you are victimized by the actions of your parents. 

These are a few examples of they type of stories we tell ourselves that tend to be the guiding force to the experience we live in life.  Changing these patterns truly are easy!  Yes they are!  Begin telling yourself a story that is is beautiful.

Tell yourself you will get a good paying job because you have unique and valuable set of skills to offer the world. 

Tell yourself that your body is beautiful and you and your body both deserve to be healthy.  

Tell yourself that without the troubles experienced as a child you would not have the privilege of being you today.  

Making lasting changes for harmony, and soul centric life.

  1. Love yourself unconditionally. Look in the mirror and look into your eyes.  Look at how beautiful they are.  Tell your self that you love yourself.  Say this to yourself everyday, every time you look in the mirror. Say it with a smile.
  2. Determine what you want.  Do you want to live in a better neighborhood, drive a more dependable car, have a job you feel respected within?  Whatever it is, be clear about it.  What do you want?  What does it look like?  What does it feel like?  How does it fit into your life?  Now write it down.  Read it to yourself everyday, and feel what it feels like to have everything you want. Your mind is a powerful tool, and you can begin to bring everything you want in life simply by allowing your mind to show you want it feels like to have it, before it physically arrives.
  3. Understand your lessons.  Do you have the same experiences over and over again.  Partners that don’t honor you.  Friends who take more than they give.  Each of us has patterns in our lives that play into spiritual lessons that we want to master.  Look at your life, and ask yourself what are you missing.  Forgiveness?  Self Confidence? Self Value?  When you identify what lesson seems to be visiting you over and over, make a plan for how you will master it the next time it comes around, but until you master it is will continue to visit you.
  4. Bring love into your life.  You are love.  The core of who you are is unconditional love, and when we allow that aspect of ourselves to be who we are in our life, we bring in the love for ourselves and others.


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