Not happy with life, maybe you’re on the wrong path

Do you have feelings of frustration?

Intuitively feel that you’re not doing what you should be doing in life?

This is a plight many people have today.   From the time that we were young we were told that we need to go to school, go to college, get a job with pay our bills and remember to may save for retirement. But even my 6 year old son understands that sounds completely ridiculous!   Do you really want to be working your whole life, to end up saving up money that you can pay for your medication may be a trip to Club Med? I can tell you, not me!  I want it all now!

A few years ago I was on the wrong path, chasing after money. I got an MBA because I thought that it would get me a bigger paycheck. Which I did! But it didn’t help me achieve the happiness that I was looking for in life. I began to realize that material wealth was nothing compared to the quality of my life.  

In 2014 I began to make a plan to change  My life moving forward.  Gratefully one of my skill sets in this life is the ability to plan and set goals, so that is exactly what I did!  You can begin making changes today, little by little you will find that you will get to where you want to be in life.

One common thing that many people feel is that they need to quit their job and start all over to live a passionate life. And again in most cases that is not true. Sometimes what we are missing are things that need to be added into our life, so our day-to-day job becomes more enjoyable.   Sometimes  it is as simple as changing our perspective.

I would like to leave you with a small exercise that you can do today to start tapping into what your purpose in life is.   Understand, that often times our purpose is not to write a book, open up an Institute, to be a world leader… It might just be to be the best person possible in our own present life. To care for our children with more compassion, to forgive our relatives who did us wrong, to shine a light at the grocery store and be the person that others look to as an example.

  1.  What are your passions, skills, and dislikes?   I suggest getting a piece of paper   out and creating three columns.    List the columns as your passions, your skills, your dislikes. Write as many things down in each column as you can think of. Then take a look at the column where your passions and your skills are… That is where your life purpose sitting. Your dislikes, and will help you understand what not to look for in your next chapter in life. It is still true to say the best way to know what you want, is to know what you don’t want.
  2.  Start cultivating your passions in your life.  Begin with what is easiest for you. If you wrote cooking on your list find a great recipe to whip up tonight, and enhance this idea by bringing over a few friends to share the recipe with you.   If you wrote going for hikes, make the trip to go someplace you’ve never been before. The idea here is to’s start doing what you can today. And make plans for what you  need a little bit more time to cultivate.
  3.  Become grateful.   Every time you participate in thoughts of gratitude, you activate regions of your brain that produce dopamine.   Begin by being grateful in the morning for waking up and meeting a new day. Be grateful for the coffee in your cup, be grateful for traffic, be grateful for the sun is shining, be grateful for the rain that is pouring. Simply just be grateful, and give yourself that drug that can help you stimulate more happiness in your life… Naturally!

These 3 simple things are the beginning steps to uncovering what your life purposes. But understand, you’re not searching for your ‘life purpose’, your searching to get to know yourself better. When you start to understand more of who you are and less of  how you react to the world around you, these inner questions that guide as to the purpose of our existence become lit up with neon lights.

-Nomi Shmerling, Ph.D (c)


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