Living SoulCentric

Thinking with our heads leads us where our Ego would like us to go. There are always blessings and lessons on that road, but there is not always happiness.

The Universe gives us signs we are off track from our life purpose when we feel out of balance. We find barriers every which way we turn.  These are all signs you are not yet living a soul-centric life.

Let’s look at a simple example of how the universe might direct you to know that you are living  out of bounds from your life purpose.

Joe wakes up every morning, as soon as the alarm goes off he is looking for internal motivation to rise up from the bed. He tells himself, “The shower will feel good,  come on, you can do it, can’t be late again.”   After the shower he slugs downstairs to make himself a cup of coffee, only to stop at the coffee shop on the way to work to get one more cup, and might even make his way to the break room before he goes to his first team meeting for you guessed it, another cup of coffee.

Joe finds himself distracted dreaming out the window, pulling out his phone and looking at Facebook, and dreaming of a life quite different than the one that he lives. He looks at the clock every few minutes checking to see how much time pasted.   when 5 o’clock finally Hansen he leaves the office, he had straight home. Pulls a beer out of the refrigerator and sits on the sofa and gets lost in the TV.   Dinner is something quick and microwavable.    when he sits on the sofa sipping his beer, he feels exhausted, without really having done any physical exercise that day.

Does this sound familiar? I truly hope it doesn’t, because this is a perfect example of somebody who is not living their life purpose.

When you think from your heart, you are lead from your soul. These are soul-centric moments that lead to soul-centric experiences.

It’s not natural for us to believe that thinking from our heart is the right thing to do. We are taught from a young age that logical thinking produces the results the society needs. But when you think from a logical perspective, you can understand that your heart knows more than your brain does.   The head as the seat of the ego, and the heart is the seat of the soul.

This is exactly why meditation, mindfulness breathing, and yoga get us deeply connected to our soul centric energy.  these modalities quiet the mind, again the seat of the ego. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with the ego, this is exactly why we have one! It guides us to exactly where we should go to acquire the lessons that we need to, but sometimes we forget that it’s a tool, and we think that it’s who we are.

our ego is not the villain, and on the contrary your ego is exactly what you chose in your personality traits to make you who you are. The problem is traumas from childhood, and past lives tend to be the conductors of our ego. And in order to help our ego heal, we need to know what the problem is that is guiding us to egocentric ways of life. And this only happens when we learn who we really are.

It is only when you can quiet the mind, that the real you percolate up. And this is a slow process, and very hard for many individuals in the modern era to accept. Everything is so fast in our life, food can be ready in three minutes with the help of a microwave, water can boiling one minute with the help of an electric cattle, you can feed a family of five by standing in line at a drive through for about  5 minutes,  you can read the news and find out what is happened in Moscow only moments ago. The Industrial Revolution gave us this perspective.

Why is it a slow process  to get to know ourselves?   Because from the time many of us were young child, we were given filter, after filter, after filter of belief systems and ways that we identify ourself and the world outside of ourselves.   And at some point along the road of life, it occurred to us that we had a miss understanding of what it really was to be a human.

And if you are reading this blog, I congratulate you because you are an amazing soul who understands that a quiet mind cultivates the real you!!! I celebrate you in these words, and I encourage you to continue your path, because you are tapping into the gift that you came to deliver to all of us… The real you.

Nomi Shmerling, Ph.D (c)



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