About Nomi

As an individual, Nomi has achieved these goals:

  • Master’s degree in Business Management.
  • Candidate for a PhD in Psychology.
  • Workshop Facilitator.
  • Spiritual Therapist.
  • Transpersonal Psychology Researcher (Consciousness and transformation).
  • Mother, Wife, Daughter, Friend who leads with compassion and has found the bliss of harmony, guidance, and partnership, in each of those relationships.
  • Shapeshifter who inspires others to finding their real life bliss while keeping both feet on the ground.
  • A citizen of this world, who believes we are making change and that it begins within each of us.


As a researcher she currently researches the following themes:

  • The Chakra System, Life-Force Energy Centers that are written about in many cultures, most commonly by ancient Hindu teachings.
  • Consciousness, Focusing on the conduite between the conscious and subconscious minds, referred to as the ‘observing self’ by Author Deikman.
  • Yoga in the United States, This is the focus of Nomi’s PhD dissertation study: “What is Yoga in the United States, and is it as transformational as Classical Yoga”.
  • Mindfulness, Nomi has conducted 2 unpublished studies that looked at long-term practitioners of mindfulness, and their ability to self-regulate their thoughts and actions.

Nomi offers speaking, breakout, workshop, one-on-one therapy, change managment consulting and interviews that are all designed to illuminate the path forward to self transformation.  Contact me by reaching out to me here.