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Personal transformation is an art form, and one that takes intentional thought and planning in order to master. There are many tools that we can gather along the way to use in practice with everyday experiences that life gives us. Becoming a master at personal transformation means you grow in ability to navigate through life as the rivers of time continue to carry you forward. Only you do it with grace and mastery, becoming a way shower for others.

I invite you to come out on Saturday, December 8 and listen to my new talk titled the Secret to Mastering Personal Transformation.

There is no cover for attending this event, rather I ask you to simply come and invite your friends to sit and listen to what I hope to be an impactful 45-minute talk that will uncover for you how the secret of mastering personal transformation lies in the body, mind and soul connection.

The event will be videotaped, and I will be have tea, water and light bites to keep your bellies happy, so your ears can join the party!

Namaste- Nomi