“Nomi’s talk at Circle + Moon in Roswell, GA was like attending a TED talk.  There was so much information given!” –  Joan from Atlanta

“I have known Nomi as a colleague, a mentor, and a friend.  She is a heart-centered visionary, capable of transforming her world.  Her path has enabled her to develop the clarity, wisdom and skill to teach and facilitate soul-centered living.  Nomi embodies radiance, grace and approaches mindfulness living with warmth and humor.  She has inspired me to re-engage my own practice and pursue my dreams with wild abandon on the tail end of my most difficult experiences” – Liz from Colorado

“Nomi is patient and generous with her time and growing body of knowledge.  Our conversations are inspiring, insightful & full of possible avenues to explore.” – Mari from Atlanta

“I think your workshop was amazing, lots and lots of takeaways. It was especially helpful because you went through the history and told us how we got here, what we’re facing and how to move on. Also there were lots of tools offered and that is something you don’t get much in workshops. Something that you can take into your life and apply immediately. Everyone was on the edge of their seats and we were all engaged, listening and learning. It was a wonderful, educational, uplifting and inspiring night.” Heni from Atlanta 

I met Nomi in higher education. I remember walking past her and feeling a a wave of light energy. It was so vibrant and positive. She has so many unique qualities that I her intellectual ability and insightful ness along with a sense of non judgment and passion and love for people. I believe that she is here to bless many people. – Andrea from Wisconsin